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The most common chemical that is used to kill bacteria, living organisms and any other contaminates (such as dirt, debris, and algae spores) that are in pool water. The two most common forms of chlorine are Dichlor (60% granular chlorine) and chlorine tablets called Trichlor. Chlorine tablets may come in Triplex form with the addition of a small amount of Algaecide and Flocculant.

Sodium Dichlor 55% 10kg

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Sodium Dichlor is a member of the "Stabilized" chlorine family. It offers chlorine to disinfect the pool-spa while offer cyanuric acid stabilizer to protect chlorine from decay by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It comes in granular form only and has 62 available chlorine contents. 

Dichlor granules are the only chlorine product with a nearly neutral pH of 6.0-7.0. Also dissolve quickly in water and can be transmitted on the water surface, pre-dissolved in a bucket of water or added to the pool with a Watermatic Automated Chlorination System
Because of the stable pH level, the use of dichlor as the primary sanitizer will result in fewer adjustments of the pH and Total Alkalinity of the water.


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