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The pool filter is what removes the fine particles from the water and enables you to swim in a clean clear pool. There are three basic types of filters: Sand, Diatomaceous Earth and Cartridge. Relax Pool technicians are experienced in the service and repair of all types of pool filters and backwash valves.

Activated Filter Media (AFM)

  • Price: €49.98 per bag of 21kg
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(Per bag of 21Kg)

CODE: DR10001


AFM is an Activated Filter Media manufactured from green glass to replace sand in all types of sand filters.


- Crystal clear water: AFM filters at least 30 % more than quartz or glass sand.

- Lower consumption of chlorine: Everything filtered out doesn't need to be oxidized by chlorine. The better the filtration, the lower the chlorine demand.

- No trichloramine - no chlorine smell: AFMprevents growth of biofilm therefore eliminating trichloramine.

- No biofilm - no Legionella: Biofilm is a slippery film of bacteria, that can provide a home for pathogens such as Legionella,    Staphylococcus and (MRSA) Pseudomonas.

- Chlorine-free systems: AFM greatly reduces the oxidation demand of the water which makes it perfect for chlorine free systems.




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