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Swimming Pool Thermometers come in many sizes and quality. Pool thermometers are generally floating, non beakable and are essential to keep your pool at the right temperature when heating.

Floating Animal Thermometer

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Thermometer available in plenty of different designs with floating tops of flexible polymer material featuring a turtle, gold fish, wale, frog, seal, duck and ship all bearing happy colorful details making the thermometer a nice decorative spot in the pool. Dual degree range scales for both Fahrenheit and Celsius in sealed ABS tube. The thermometers' temperature begins to rate from 0 up to a maximum point of 50°C  (30-120°F).


- Floating thermometers 
- ABS tube case  
- Dual degree range scale
- Complete with polyethylene cord  
- Temperature ranges up to 50° or 120° F
- Excellent for use in spa and pool
- Easy to read indicator


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