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Debris is maintained in suspension, which prevents clogging of the filter and saves power and aspiration consistency.

Robot Flamingo Galeo

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CODE: AS63173



This pool cleaner has a special cleaning program designed to clean the pool in approximately 3 hours.

This cleaner has an internal timer which will automatically shut the cleaner off. To restart the cleaner for another CYCLE, switch the power supply to ON position.

Note: Wait for 45 seconds between two cycles.



The robot electric Galeon MD is perfect for cleaning the bottom and sides of a pool, its two engines 24v respectively allow movement and a suction turbine 16 mc / h.

Intelligent system for detecting the type of tank:

Microprocessor and algorithm designed to optimize the design and operation; noting the walls to define the profile of the pool to be cleaned, by choosing the correct working cycle, also determining the type of coating to adapt the action of the pump.
To prevent the twisting of the cord, the algorithm corrects, and balances the rotation of the robot.



- Low-voltage transformer

- Brushes PVA

- 2 micron filter bag

- Cable auto flottante

- Shopping


Technical Features:

Duty cycle: 3h
Cable length: 18 m
Filtering capacity: 16 cubic meters / h
Motor voltage: 24VDC
Electrical Specification: 230 V / 50 Hz - 115 V / 60 Hz
Weight: 19 kg


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