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Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners are the future of pool maintenance

Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners are the future of pool maintenance
13 Mar 2020 0 Comments 0 Trackbacks Monica Odysseos

Being a pool owner, you must maintain a sparkling clean water for your health and for your guests to enjoy!

What is a robotic pool vacuum cleaner?

Robotic cleaners are effective at cleaning large and small debris. They also circulate the pool water when your filter isn’t running and scrub your tile lines and pool wall. Robot swimming pool vacuum cleaners are the future

Powered by an electric motor and pump, robotic cleaners connect to a low-voltage transformer that plugs into one of your outdoor outlets. The cleaner lifts up debris into the filter bag through its pump, so it doesn’t rely on your filter system.

It’s a great way to save time and money.

How expensive is a pool robot?

Robotic vacuum cleaner prices vary depending on their model. Prices can vary from €900 to €1,600. But with a life expectancy of about 7-10 years, that’s about €150 per year for having a clean pool all year round without the burden of vacuuming it yourself or hiring a maintenance service to do it.

Your swimming pool will always be clean – not just on the one day a week you vacuum it, but ALWAYS. You can place the robotic pool vacuum cleaner in the swimming pool and run it everyday or every other day for a couple of hours and your pool walls and floor will always be clean. Most importantly it is always available for a quick cleaning when guests are expected.

Pool robots are environmentally friendly too

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Most robotic vacuum cleaners are green products. They work on low voltage DC current and they are very inexpensive to operate. Most of the robotic vacuum cleaners vacuum the swimming pool AND filter the water at the same time, so money is saved on running your pool filter.

They also do not waste ANY WATER, like the vacuuming to waste usually does. You do not lose one drop of water when vacuuming with your robotic vacuum cleaner.
They don't release any chemicals or toxins while cleaning your pool.

Taking Care of your robot

Robots are advanced electronic devices and must be taken care to last a long time without faults.

Here are some care taker guidelines:

  • Remove the robot from the pool once its cycle is complete. Robots left in the pool will get damage from water penetration in their electric and electronic parts.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for draining and cleaning before storage.
  • Examine the brushes, and replace them if required.
  • Store the robot in a shaded area preferably in a storage room.

So basically, robotic vacuum cleaners really do save you time, money and keep your pool cleaner with little to no effort!

With robotic vacuum cleaners you save money, time, and you help save the environment. And the best benefit of all is that your pool walls and floor are always clean.

You can get a maintenance service deal (Contact us at for a tailor-made offer) or consider our robotic pool vacuum cleaners.

Any questions? Feel free to give us a call at 22571300 and we can help select the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner that’s best for you!


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