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Safety Pool Covers

Safety Pool Covers
31 Dec 2020 0 Comments 0 Trackbacks Hartmut Clasen WSI

Swimming pool safety covers will cost a bit more than standard winter swimming pool covers, and installation is slightly more labor-intensive. But many swimming pool owners find that the extra cost and work is worth it: Safety covers last longer (if they’re properly maintained and stored, of course), and they’re strong enough to keep unattended children and small animals from falling in the water.


There are two types of safety covers:

Solid safety covers

Durable and long-lasting, solid pool safety covers are designed to stand up to heavy winter debris and snow. They also block out sunlight, which prevents harmful algae growth. The only drawback to a solid cover is that it’s well . . . solid. There’s no place for rain or melted snow to pass through, which means you’ll need a pump to keep your pool cover free of excess water.


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