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With the use of the brush attached on the pole, brush the pool walls and floor to remove any dirt still attached.  Brushing is more important than vacuuming as it helps uproot the algae from the walls and floor.  It must always be performed after vacuuming.

Brush well around the lights, the inlets, the skimmers and corners.

For skimmer pools the waterline must be cleaned weekly with the special cleaner and brush. This will ensure that calcium deposits or scum (from oils) do not damage the liner or tiles on the water line.  Scum and lime that ages and is burned by the sun is very difficult or impossible to clean.

Special chemicals for the water line are available. Make sure you select the one for your internal material.  Always try the chemical on a small area and check for discoloration before you treat the whole pool.  It is possible to discolour the liner during the cleaning process especially if it has not been done for a long time.

Regular cleaning is also required for steps, the overflow ceramics and the overflow grate.

Clean the skimmer baskets and the pump basket.  For overflow pools also clean the overflow channel basket or strainer.

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