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Waterfalls of Features


The Relax Pools & Gardens range of water features provides an attractive as well as practical addition to any swimming pool in Cyprus.


Swimming pool waterfalls can be adapted to blend in harmoniously with your pool and its surroundings to create the perfect pool ambiance.


Their Stainless Steel construction guarantees long life whilst the diversity in design offers a wide range of styles and possibilities.


Our selection includes water curtains of varying widths, as well as decorative cascades in Stainless Steel. You may choose as well from a range of pressurised water canons with varying interchangeable nozzles and umbrella water features.


We can install as well beautiful ornamental fountains that will ensure your swimming pool is truly spectacular.




Our Swimming Pool Waterfalls photogallery





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Relax Aquatic Game Relax Aquatic Game (854 KB)


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