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Swimming Pools


Adding an inground swimming pool to your backyard reaps numerous benefits—from swimming to lounging to family fun—while also transforming your backyard into a beautiful showpiece.


So what kind of pool should you get?


Since three basic kinds are most common the best way to make up your mind is to study which one gives you the best value for your money.  But whatever your preference is choose to invest in quality and long life products.


Relax Overflow pools   Vanishing Edge pools Cyprus  skimmer pools cyprus
Overflow Vanishing Edge Skimmer 



Think about the accessories you’d like to personalize your pool. A waterfall or fountain? How about a waterslide?

Overflow pool curved shape Nicosia CyprusOverflow pool Relax Pools CyprusSkimmer  swimming pool CyprusSkimmer pool with glass
Vanishing Edge in HotelVanishing Edge Hydrazzo Nicosia


Also consider the landscaping surrounding the deck. Think about how each type of pool works within the setting you choose, the environment that borders your home and any special features that would enhance your enjoyment. Is a safety cover a requirement or an option. 


Remember, in order to achieve your desired result, you must first develop a well-thought-out plan that covers every possible scenario.

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